FOTILE X Chimney Hood AMG9007-i



Certification: CB, SIRIM

Material of hood: 90cm wide tempered glass surface

Unrestrained airflow (m3/hr): 1930

IEC airflow (m3/hr): 1390

Motor Power (W): 258

Max Static Pressure (Pa): 990

Noise Level (dB): 46

No. of Speeds Fan Control: 3

Illumination Power in LED (W): 10 W (3 levels adjustable)

Type of hood: Chimney hood

Oil Filtration Rate: 92%

Odor Reduction Rate: 97%

Automatic Turbo System: YES

Smart Smoke and Sound Detection: NIL

Intelligent Air Management: NIL

Anion Sterilisation: NIL

Delay Off Function: YES

Control Mode: Touch + Wave

Type of Filter: Filter free

Special Features: Smart Air Diverter

Power Supply: 240V/50hZ

Dimension W x D x H (mm): 897 x 325 x 1060

BLDC INVERTER MOTOR: Brushless DC Inverter Motor with Microchip Technology

Stronger - Brushless Direct-current Inverter (BLDC)

  • More Powerful, Better Efficiency - The Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motor has a maximum static pressure of 990 Pa that handles long and winding air ducts and complicated installation spaces with ease.
  • Its maximum air flow of 1930m3/h refreshes all the air in a kitchen within 1.5 minutes, at the same time, keeping noise level as low as 42dB.


Closer - Closer Extraction From Cooking Smoke

  • Closer Extraction - Only 335mm from the stove — almost half the distance of a traditional range hood — the FOTILE X-Series captures cooking smoke straight at the source.
  • Wide Suction Plate - Its 900mm-wide suction plate intercepts cooking smoke and extracts it before it spreads. 


Faster - Cooking Smoke Highway

  • Rear Extraction Design - The rear extraction design allows the extraction motor to rotate 180°, actively reducing the distance of cooking smoke and extracting it in a straight path.
  • Nautilus Air Passageway reduces wind resistance and noise. With the 3-point Extraction System, cooking smoke is collected, extracted and removed in a single uninterrupted path.


Smarter - Smart Air Distribution

  • Intelligent Air Distribution - With a touch of a button, the FOTILE X-Series can focus its extraction power to either side of the hood, depending on where cooking smoke is concentrated. From stewing to stir-frying, the FOTILE X-Series concentrates extraction power to extract cooking smoke while minimizing noise for a more peaceful cooking experience.
  • Left Power Diverter: Diverts 70% of extraction power to the left side of the hood.
  • Right Power Diverter: Diverts 70% of extraction power to the right side of the hood.
  • When this function is activated, air pressure can increase by up to 50% on either side.


Smart Smotion (Smoke + Motion) Detection

  • Turn the hood on and off with the wave of a hand


Easy To Clean

All-new filter-free design with glass frame, just wipe to restore it to its original lustre

Low Noise Level

BLDC motor with multiple noise-reduction technologies. Noise level produced is as low as 42dB.


How to Install FOTILE X AMG9007 Range Hood

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